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For Truckers, by a Trucker 

-Tone muscles

-Increase strength 

-Reduce fatigue 

-Enhance  mental focus 

- Increase energy



The Strong Diver Fitness Seat Strap is a resistance band exercise set that attaches to the seat of a truck giving the trucker a way to workout in the comfort of their truck before starting their trip and providing them with a way to Get Fit as they Sit!  With very few fitness products on the market that accommodate the on the go life style of the trucker, a fitness product was needed that would help truckers keep their heart rate up by exercising before they started their trip. Studies show that it takes only one and a half hours of constant sitting and a person’s heart rate will slow down; the person sitting will then start breathing shallower. This  in turn causes the body to have poor blood circulation and a lack of oxygenation to the brain therefore, you start to get sleepy.  

The idea is to keep moving and keep that heart pumping and improve oxygen flow to avoid drowsy driving. 



  • Before starting any exercise  program, consult your physician.   
  • This is a rubber latex product.  Do not use if you are allergic.  
  • The user assumes all risk of injury in the use of this product.   
  •  If you experience any pain or  discomfort, discontinue use and consult your physician. 
  • Some truck seats do not have the  bottom safety bracket to allow for the bicep curl option. 
  • NOT intended for use while driving.  


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